Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Let me just start by saying I FELL OFF MY BIKE!!!  This past Saturday's ride was bitter SWEET!  Sweet that I managed to ride 37 miles getting faster and faster up the hills  and bitter with my first fall!

I recently invested in cycling shoes and clips for my bike which made me nervous because I DID NOT WANT TO FALL!  Anyway I practiced and practiced so I could appear as if I were an expert with my cycling group.  I had seen others fall and I did not want to be apart of "that group."  I made it the entire ride until 1 of the final stop signs.  There were 3 cars in front of us and 3 cars behind.  I unclipped my right shoe as I was coming to a stop but for some ODD reason I started to lean to my left.  I thought to my self "WAIT MY LEFT SHOE IS NOT UNCLIPPED!"  In true Sylvia fashion, fell in slow motion and quite gracefully, bike and all.  My mentor was nurturing and helpful checking me out to make sure there was "no blood" and asked if I needed to get off the road for a break.  I told her that I was OK and if I stopped now I would quit.

In the ended I came home with scrapped knees, a bruised ARSE and elbow.  Not too bad for my first fall!  It made for a nice face book picture and a funny story to tell my managers. 

As I look back on my day and what I have accomplished so far...I am kind of amazed.  I have always feared falling from my bike or skates...I am kind of a wimp.  I would have never "tried" this new adventure because of fear.  My Dad is pulling me through this experience.  He went through so much to fight for his life and even to stay a little longer for his Family.  If he or others can do that...I can fight through my fear.

If you get a moment and have the resources please donate to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society in honor of my Dad and others who have passed or are still fighting.  Together we can continue to help find more treatments and a cure for blood cancers.  The website below will take you to my fundraising page.  All donations are tax deductible.  Thanks for the support!

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