Thursday, March 17, 2011

30 Miles!

This past Saturday marked my 30 mile mark!  Let me just say I HATE HILLS!  Although my mentor continued to tell me it was good for me I couldn't help but want to "flip her off." 
A part of our route was to complete a gradual incline and then what I would call a MASSIVE HILL for about a mile and half,  2 times during our ride.  I am not going to lie...the first go around I thought my thighs were going to fall off and I would cough up a lung. I really did want to get off my bike and walk! The only thing that kept me going was the thought of my dad and what he went I pushed through it.  The second time around another novice rider and I had something to prove.  We timed it and yelled at each other to "PUSH IT!" To our surpries we completed the 2nd segment even faster than the first time around.  Our Mentor was bragging to the others about how much faster we were compared to the other novice groups in the years past.  It was a proud moment!

I am really LOVIN the cycling thing!

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  1. Sorry Sylvia, there are no real hills in AZ. Come biking with us here and I'll show you pain.